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PT50B Sharpness Tester Professional - 5 grams precision

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    • Now With New Test Fixture
    • 5 Gram Resolution
    • 10 Measurements/Second
    • Batteries Included

    A Standard Test for Sharpness

    How sharp is the edge? That is both the most important question a sharpener can ask, and possibly the hardest to answer. There are tests like cutting paper or shaving hair that are often used to demonstrate sharpness, and they are helpful to a point, but they lack the precision and standardization required to truly answer the question. However, a precise and standardized testing method is available. It is achieved using the PT50 Series Sharpness Testers from Edge-On-Up.

    Measure and Quantify

    The PT50 Series of Edge-On-Up Sharpness Testers give the ability to measure and quantify the level of sharpness of any given edge. They work by measuring the force in grams required to cut through a standardized, calibrated medium. The result is a number that can be used to compare the relative sharpness of edges.

    Industrial Precision and Quality

    There are three models of PT50 Sharpness Testers. The Edge-On-Up Pro Edge Tester (PT50B) Is intended for professional sharpeners, woodworkers and knife enthusiasts looking for a serious method of evaluating and comparing edges.

    The Edge-On-Up Pro Edge Tester Features:

    • 10 measurements-per-second processor
    • 5 Gram Resolution
    • Portable Lightweight Design
    • 3 Button Operation
    • 2 AAA Batteries Included


    Test Medium Included

    The Pro Edge Tester includes a Knife Fulcrum and the New Aluminum Test Fixture.